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Hams and sausages

100% Iberian Pork Loin "Sánchez Romero Carvajal".

From €25.00
100% Iberian Acorn-fed Loin Loin from Iberian pork raised in the open in the dehesas (meadowlands) of the Iberian Peninsula and fed with acorns during the montanera season. The Sanchez Romero Carvajal Loin has become synonymous with quality worldwide. The finest selection of 100% Iberian, purebred pigs, for obtaining the best pieces (unique and...
Hams and sausages

5 Jotas Loin 1/2

Half Piece of Cinco Jotas Loin. 0.450-0.550 kg
Hams and sausages


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Iberian Ham

At Corta Y Cata, we want to provide the best quality to our customers, which is why all our hams are of extremely high quality, such as the black hoof ham, being one of our top-quality products.
The 5J ham is one of the favorites among customers, due to its extreme quality and exquisite flavor.

Here you will find products of the highest quality, such as the 100% acorn-fed ham for the most exquisite palates, the black label ham which certifies the high quality of this product, the acorn-fed Iberian ham whose pigs have been raised with care and attention to achieve the maximum flavor of the product, etc...

All our Iberian products vary depending on the type of Iberian pig they have been made with. The factors that influence the variation of the product are the purity of the breed (whether the pig is 100% Iberian or crossbred), its diet (grain-fed or acorn-fed), and even the terrain where it has been raised.

The weight of Iberian hams and shoulders usually ranges between 4kg and 6kg.

Enjoy the best hand-carved Iberian ham thanks to our Iberian sliced products. You can also find it in packs of slices or cubes.

Cold Cuts

Iberian pigs are cared for and fed acorns from birth to give the best flavor to the products. These pigs have been selected generation after generation depending on the flavor of the products they produced until achieving that the new generations of Iberian pigs gave their best fruits.

At CortaYCata, we offer the best Iberian pork cold cuts, from Iberian chorizos with great flavor thanks to their traditional recipe, traditionally made Iberian salchichón for an unparalleled taste, hand-carved Iberian morcón, Iberian loin from the best selection of Iberian pigs and much more...

The Iberian chorizos you will find in our catalog are all handmade according to traditional recipe, additionally, we have chorizos with paprika and without paprika, chorizos suitable for celiacs, and even chorizos without lactose.

Our Iberian salchichón can be purchased separately, in a pack or assortment. It can also be found sliced and ready to eat. For people with lactose intolerance, we also have our lactose-free Iberian salchichón.

All Iberian cold cuts have been handmade with the best selected Iberian pigs raised from birth.

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