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Cod Roe

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Cod Roe Cod roe is obtained from the ling or burbot (also known as Molva Molva, a gadiform fish of the Gadidae family) that inhabits the Atlantic Ocean. This fish has an elongated body with a flattened head and prominent jaw. Its color is mottled with brown tones on the back and whiter tones on the lower belly. It has two dorsal fins, one of which is...
Gourmet Products

Broad Beans with Ham

Baby Broad Beans from Navarra with Iberian Acorn-fed Ham Bits.
Gourmet Products

Perdi Potato

Perdi Fried Potato


Genuine Cod, served in bulk from kilo to kilo in vacuum-sealed bags.
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Gourmet Products

What is a gourmet product? Many times we have heard or read about these products, but we don't know what they are. Gourmet products are products whose ingredients are of the utmost quality, and furthermore, they achieve a product of great taste and delicacy for the palate. Generally, people tend to think that they are products with a high price tag, but it doesn't have to be the case, as the difference between these products and normal products is their quality.

Also, artisanal products are often considered gourmet products, as they are made with natural and selected ingredients, and the people who make them have many years of experience in their production.

Have you ever wanted to try a true gourmet product?

Hand in hand with CortaYCata, we offer you the highest quality in our products, so you will find a wide variety of gourmet products. Enjoy the best gourmet products for the most delicate and exquisite palates.


On one hand, at CortaYCata, we offer you gourmet products that are meat or made with animals. The habas in olive oil with iberian ham are perfect for two dishes in one, or the cecina de león (cured beef) in cubes with great flavor and perfectly cured. Our traditional manteca colorá (seasoned lard) is quite delicious. The cured magret de pato (duck breast) which customers describe as "delicious".

If we prefer fish

Enjoy an authentic delicacy, the gourmet anchovy for the most exquisite palates. The sardine pâté for the finest tastes, it has an unparalleled flavor. The boquerón en vinagre Tarrina (marinated anchovies) has a unique flavor and is one of the most chosen products by customers. On the other hand, the hueva de maruca (cod roe) is one of the most delicious and hard-to-find delicacies. Lastly, the sardine herring which is classified as an exquisite and tasty gourmet product.


In this section, you will find a selection of various products that are usually complements or an additional ingredient for your dishes. The best selection of thick asparagus with intense flavor as if they were freshly picked from the field. Our whole piquillo peppers prepared in a glass jar. The saffron threads, perfect for your stews. The flor de sal (sea salt), a marine salt for salt lovers and a good ingredient for fish.

Don't miss out on all these delicacies!

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